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College – Where The Career Advisors Roam

Career advisors are like karate senseis, football coaches or oriental gurus – you can use their life experience as an infinite well of knowledge and guidance that will help you make your way throughout your college life.

Career advisor is the Wiseman, to speak metaphorically, who explains you the true meaning of the study process at grad school, helps you find learning materials, tutorials, all necessary literature which is especially handy when you’re a yellow-faced rookie, who’s afraid of «everyone and everything».

And finally he provides you with praising recommendations, which you can use when applying for a scholarship or an internship or trying to land an employment – in other words, he partakes in the very process of shaping your future.

“But where can I find such a sweet, caring, selfless mentor who’s ready to do some unpaid extra hard work in order to invest in me, my success and my future??”

This question will naturally pop up in your head. Actually it’s not a challenge too big or frightening. No need to worry or be intimidated.

It just takes some blood, sweat and tears time, diligent effort and patience, and our guide below will make things much easier for you.  

So let’s see what can be done, shall we?

Get to know your professors

First, take a look at your lecturers and professors – they are the people who give you grades, keep your academic progress in check and provide you with some feedback when it’s necessary.

And if so – it’s quite rational to start your quest for a career advisor among those «grey-haired», finely educated scholars.

For instance, if the political science is your current or future field of interest – regularly seek advice from your political science professor – share your future plans, ideas and vision with him, reveal your professional ambitions and lifelong goals, maybe even dreams.

Luckily, even the greatest of professors and the most acknowledged of experts, including the Noble prize winners themselves, are generous at supplying young aspirants with knowledge and priceless personal life experience.  

Extra-super useful tip: don’t be afraid to look like a parvenu.

Even the greatest of experts were humble beginners just like you, many years ago.

So remember: courage takes cities by storm.

Contact your school’s career services center

Your school’s career services center likely has to offer a broad, almost unlimited range of experts in various professional fields, including yours.

Almost every school or college is proud to present a panel for students, who strive to know more about their future field of expertise. Just show your enthusiasm, eagerness and serious intentions.

Quite often they have well-known and successful high-class professionals as their special guests and spokespeople at various events - “Choose a career day”, for instance, is one of them.

As a result, you could use the following sneaky stratagem: ask/beg/demand/ hustle/blackmail for those specialists’ contact information or for a chance of being introduced to them tete-a-tete.

School’s alumni to the rescue!

Your school’s alumni will be immensely glad to assist you in any given task whatsoever – after all, connections made in school days will last maybe not for eternity, but certainly for a pretty extended period of time.

And of course, every modern school can proudly brag of a colossal internet-database that contains information about every single alumnus who may by lucky chance specialize in the same field as yours.

So don’t be a stranger to the technical progress and every time you get to visit your alma mater – try to establish some useful connections. The fruit of this labor will undoubtedly be sweet.

Collaborate with your club/internship administration

Do you possess membership of Young Software Wiz Kids Association? 

Or maybe International Society of Robotics and AI Researching, Physicists Unlimited, United Alliance of Med-Tech Startupers? «Young Zuckerbergs» United too?

Whichever it is, mentors from your specific group of interest or a club may be geniuses of constructing soulless automatons who will prevail in future, but what’s even better, they can advise you on how to find a lucrative internship in the Silicon Valley or a post-graduate program somewhere in North Korea or Japan.

And some of your club’s gurus will actually be extremely rejoiced in helping you discover more about your soon-to-be profession.

LinkedIn – your key to contact-building

Linkedin is in truth a monstrous database that retains information on almost every high-skilled professional that only exists in the world. And it’s right there, impatiently waiting for you to try it out in building professional contacts – what don’t you give it a chance?

An additional bonus: you can search for them in any part of the globe – all hail the scientific progress!

To simplify the searching process, you can apply “location”, “specialization”, “experience”, “education” and many other search-engine filters.

Another great tactic/strategy would be joining this network’s public groups of professionals, that, by the way, somewhat resemble medieval guilds of masons, winemakers or carpenters, and do some scouting there – chances are it may potentially bring some amazing and prodigious results.

To summarize all the above-given information, the desire for sharing knowledge is integrated into our species, because it’s the key to the survival of the humankind.  That’s why do not hesitate to ask for advice, guidance, explanations on obscure topics, assistance in problem-solving or whatever you need from people who are more experienced than you and who perhaps have some outstanding accomplishments.

That’s right, don’t fear them: cockiness, egocentrism and rudeness rarely combine with high intelligence and immense success.

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